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Tyrolean pipe

Trevor Barton’s Exclusive Pipe Collectibles

Art aficionados and collectors of art are that breed of humanity who go to extreme lengths to accumulate exotic and unusual pieces of art and artifacts to add to their collections. The more exotic the collectible, the higher the value of the collectible and more the satisfaction it gives the owner of that piece.

Tyrolean pipe

Trevor Barton was one such collector of exotic and unusual pipes, a hobby that was developed and nurtured during his travels to foreign countries in the course of his work as an export sales manager.

Catlinite Native Indian peace pipe

The first pipe that he acquired – a Tyrolean pipe with a porcelain bowl which he bought during the World War in 1947 when he served as a lance bombardier in the British Army. This first purchase fired off his admiration and love for collecting pipes and this hobby only continued and his devotion to collecting the most unique pipes can be seen in the many pieces which are now put up on auction at Christies, like the Catlinite Native Indian peace pipe which is rumored to have been presented to The English actor Sir Henry Irving by the Red Indian Chief Sitting Bull along with many more artifacts, books, and smoking related articles.

Chinese opium pipes

The pipe collection also includes Inuit Ivory pipes, Chinese opium pipes, pipes from different African tribes, and pipes with different miniature sculptures and figurines native to the places from where they have been acquired.

However the one piece which deserves special mention is the Austrian meerschaum which found pride of place among the vast amount of pipes acquired from places like the North American plains, New Zealand, Alaska, North-East India, Indonesia and amassed with so much passion, over the years. Some of the most exclusive pipes were, surprisingly, got in the antique markets of London, a favorite haunt of Trevor Barton.


  1. Ben Rapaport says:

    This is a Chinese tobacco water pipe, not a Chinese opium pipe! There is much confusion about this utensil, and the Chinese smoker may have laced his tobacco with opium paste, but it was not designed for smoking opium, per se. A standard opium pipe is a long, tubular device with a removable bowl that has a tiny pinhole onto which the opium paste is applied. Search “opium pipe” on the Internet and you’ll find several images of an opium pipe’s construct.

    Ben Rapaport
    Pipe historian

  2. Pat Franklin says:

    My son purchased an opium pipe like the one above. Can you please give me an approximate value.

  3. donnie legault says:

    i found while dumpster diving a chinese opium pipe like in the pic above did have a good find please inform of its value if any

  4. Ray Emmons says:

    I have two Chinese opium pipes, oned has all the tools with a ornate cord with tassels and a hook to attach. There are gardens with animals and flowers on one side and a long poem(in cantonese, on the other that speaks to gardens flowers wind sun etc.there are no markings that i can see on the pipe ,it is in excelent condition. The other pipe is i believe older by its construction . It has a warrior drama ingraved all the way arround , on the inside of the storage vessel ,written in cantonese Is”made by Zhou,Shun and Qin,Wei Li. the pipe is missing the tools but has the tassels,and is in excellent condition .Could you give me any information on these pipes Thank you Ray Emmons

    could you give me any insight as to dates value or wheree I might go to find out more about these

  5. Tony Del Fatti says:

    I have a chinese opium pipe that my father got when he and his crew were shot down over china. He was a B/24 pilot in W.W.II. The missionary who helped he and his crew escape gave him the pipe. Could you please tell us what it’s worth. It is similar to the one in your photo, it’s sliver with birds and flowers. Thanks you,
    Tony Del Fatti

  6. F.Hernandez says:

    I have a chinese opium pipe silver in color possibly plated over brass with engraved flying bird,flowers,vines and stamped chinese characters on all removable parts.Can you send any info on history and value.My pipe is almost identical to yours displayed on Opium Museum website.Thankyou for your time and help F.Hernandez

  7. Ronald Y Liming says:

    I have two brass chinese opium pipes that is just about similar to the one in the photo. I was wondering what they would be worth + i have a brass opium pipe that extend out.Will you please get back with me on that? Thank you Ronald Y Liming

  8. Ashley Smith says:

    I have a chinese opium pipe similar to the one in the photo on your site. The engraving features a flying peacock, a flower, and chinese characters. It was given to me by a friend who’s brother collects opium paraphernalia. Would you be interested in buying it?

    Ashley Smith

  9. J.Strong says:

    I have a similiar opium pipe like the one you have listed on your site only mine has birds,flowers,peacocks,vines,more flowers,more birds,solid silver. Would you be interested?

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