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Teti Extreme Speakers

Teti Extreme Speakers: Spiral Wonders

Made to order luxury products have their fair share of enthusiasts who are willing to spend lavishly to be able to have their very own collection of exclusive products. The beauty and superiority of these products lie in their different and unique design, the best technology and limited availability.

Teti Extreme Speakers

Teti Extreme Speakers from the Book of Music belongs to this elite class of luxury sound equipment where exclusivity and finesse are the keywords. These classy speakers have been named Teti after Thetis, the Greek sea Nymph. The Teti speakers have been developed using a very strong and solid technology keeping the smallest details of sound quality, sound distribution, depth and clarity and its total impact on the listener. Book of Music have come up with this classic beauty after two years of hard work, countless experiments and tests for quality.

The spiral towers of the Teti Extreme speakers stand at 1.45 meters and not only look splendid but also match those beautiful curves with powerful heart stopping sound. The identical forms rotating around a vertical line surrounding high quality Scan-Speak drivers are eye-catching.

The 6.5 inch mid woofer, the 1 inch aluminum ring radiator tweeter and a frequency response ranging from 38Hz going way up to 40KHz with an efficiency of a mind boggling 89dB make for an absolutely wonderful listening experience. The speakers weigh in at a cool 125 pounds and fit into small spaces easily due to its linear shape. The speakers can also be tweaked to include the music aficionado’s personal choices and quirks making these speakers truly personal and classy.

Teti Extreme Speakers_2

Deliberate and conscious technical choices involving all aspects of the speakers have made the Teti by Book of Music a complex and flawless piece of work- one that is authentic and precise in its technique as well as its sleek body which is unique unlike any other.


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