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Dior Phone now available in China and Russia

The Dior Phone that was released earlier this year is now available in China and Russia.

The black diamond version comes with 640 stones of 3251 carats of Swarovski crystals in total, plus a crocodile skin exterior and 2.6 inch touch screen with QVGA resolution and 2.0-megapixel camera. The phone has all the bells and whistles of an ultimate luxury experience.

“In the same way that we have developed our watch and jewelry lines, we want to increase sales with the phone,” said Sidney Toledano, Christian Dior CEO. “What really convinced us was seeing the attention people in emerging markets pay to buying a phone, by selecting the color and design.”

The phone comes with a ‘mini phone’ that clips onto the side of the bag for instant retrieval.

Currently black diamond phone is priced at £15,000 (about $28000 USD). The colour versions available in Europe, China, Russia and the United States are around $5,000 USD.

  • Sources: Gemme-Fashion, Engadget, Chip Chick

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